Falcon and Winter Soldier Composer Reveals Secret Captain America: The Winter Soldier Easter Egg

Falcon and Winter Soldier fans might not have noticed a tiny detail in the Disney+ series. Composer Henry Jackman sat down with Comicbook.com to discuss his role in the MCU's latest adventure. Now, he helped provide the music for Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well. In fact, that movie holds the keys to Sam Wilson's rise in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Many fans enjoyed the training sequence in Episode 5 and the big reveal of the new Captain America suit in the finale. But, that trademark song, "Louisiana Hero," has its building blocks in the second Cap film. There's a bit of fanfare that plays when we see Sam's wings in action the first time. Perceptive fans can hear a built-out version of this musical cue when "Louisiana Hero" reaches its highest point. Jackman explained that the small details like that compose Sam's journey into the hero he is today.

CB: How do you go about building the foundation for Sam as a hero musically? What would you say differs in the approach to Sam as Cap as compared with Steve?

"Building Sam up is exactly what we were trying to do. Fans might not notice, but Falcon does have a little musical cue in The Winter Soldier. In a project that big, you have so many things to deal with. So, I couldn't really knock off for a week and try to build out all this music for Sam Wilson. But I took that small sequence and built it out to where you can hear it in the middle of Louisiana Hero right when it reaches that apex. So, he really does have a foundation with that, but the creative team has really built him up to this new beginning in Episode 5 and 6 of this series. That's what the story was trying to accomplish, and it was crucial that we do the writing justice with the music in the series echoing that trip."

"Also, it was important to get the sound of his background in there. During the final fight scene, there are these big classic superhero chords while he's flying and saving the people. But, when he's back home and with his family, it wouldn't fit nearly as well. So, the horns and the Blues styling was really important. He comes from that region of the country, and that was a conscious choice to reference his experience. I don't want it to be too heavy-handed, not like a trip through the musical history of America. But, yes, it was very important."


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