Marvel Reveals 'Fantastic Four' #5 Wedding Cover

A fan favorite couple is finally tying the knot in Fantastic Four #5, and we've got your exclusive [...]

A fan favorite couple is finally tying the knot in Fantastic Four #5, and we've got your exclusive look at Mark Brook's gorgeous variant cover.

The new cover features the lovely couple on their big day as Ben Grimm carries Alicia Masters amid rose petals fluttering through the air, and the two could not look more in love. This wedding has been a long time coming, and Marvel is pulling out all the stops for the event, which this new cover is just one part of.

You can check out the new cover below.

(Photo: Marvel)

"It's been a long time in coming—more than 55 years!—but Ben and Alicia are finally tying the knot!" said SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. "And we've gone all-out to make this an extra-special event for fans, with the inclusion of not only the terrific Aaron Kuder (who'll be illustrating the next storyline as well) but also Adam Hughes and Mike Allred for an all-star spectacular bash!"

Marvel also makes sure to promise that they will actually get married, as in the initial tease they said "Gather your friends, find your best clothing, and get ready to party – Marvel is celebrating a wedding that has been years in the making, and it's the union of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters! And don't worry, Marvel fans – this wedding will definitely have the happy couple saying "I do!"

Oh, and don't worry about one of them being a Skrull either, as Marvel has said that is not on the docket.

Fantastic Four #5 is written by Dan Slott and drawn by Mike Allred, Adam Hughes, and Aaron Kuder with covers by Esad Ribic and Mark Brooks. You can check out the official description below.

"The wedding that's been years in the making…Ben and Alicia say "I do!" No bait. No switch. Not a dream. Not a hoax. And we swear, not a single Skrull around. This is really happening! From the book that brought you the first, best and longest running super hero marriage in comics, we give you…the wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters! Featuring an untold tale of the courtship of Ben and Alicia. A bachelor party that only Johnny Storm could throw. And a very special ceremony brought to you in the Mighty Marvel Manner."

Fantastic Four #5 is in comic stores on December 26th.

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