Bracket Buster Final Four is Set


Marching through the madness has lead both the NCAA and to the Final Four of its respective bracket battles. Similar to the basketball version, the navigation to the top of geekdom has been filled with upsets, narrow escapes, and top-seed blowouts all leading to the last weekend with the prize in sight (view the complete bracket).

Entering the final pairings of the fan vote are four Marvel properties. Spider-Man is the lone No. 1 seed from its quadrant to advance to the last weekend, and the Avenger will take on Wolverine -- which was a No. 2 seed in its quadrant. The other side of the bracket saw more minor upsets that were, perhaps, spurred by the current climate of popculture. Deadpool, a No. 4 seed with a massive movie coming in May, is set to take on Black Panther for a chance at the finals. Black Panthers was a No. 8 seed but had the top movie in America for nearly the entirety of this tournament, which undoubtedly impacted its path to the finals.

Likewise the number of entrants battling for the prize pack has wound its way down to a list of FIVE users with a mathematical chance to win.

The winner will receive a prize pack valued at nearly $500, including an Infinity Gauntlet, Boba Fett travel suit case, a trio of Black Panther POP! figures, a $75 Fandango gift card, as well as a hoodie and t-shirt.

Currently, HuffyD45 is in the driver seat with 102 points and the No. 1 spot in the Top 25. HuffyD45 also has the highest ceiling available with 150.

The_Taco_One is placed at No. 3 in the current standings with 97 points and could claim victory if the predictions filed hold true. The_Taco_One could amass as many as 145 points to take home the prize pack.

Demogorge sits at No. 8 in the standings through the first two weekends, scoring 92 points, and could push as high as 124 and come out on top depending on the results.

BlueAlpha is currently at No. 14 in the standings with 86 points -- this user also has the same winner as another member ahead of them, but because of Blue Alpha having three of the final four teams correct, the combination in the finals could push his points to 134 for a victory.

The furthest back in the pack with a chance to win is Melvin Frederick. Currently in 17th with 83 points, MelvinFrederick could amass 131 points and take home the prize pack from seemingly out of nowhere.

Of nearly 600 entrants and literally hundreds of thousands of votes cast to the Instagram account, the last rounds of the event are set to start on Friday, with both semifinal contests leading to the final battle on Monday.

To view each of the quadrants, click the character name below to see how each character advanced:

Wolverine bettered Captain America, Goku, Kylo Ren and Master Chief.

Spider-Man knocked off Thor, Harry Potter, Green Arrow, and Grifter.


Deadpool had to go through Luke Skywalker, Iron Man, Godzilla, and Hellboy.

Black Panther beat out Superman, Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, and Green Lantern.