All-New Wolverine Gives Gabby An Official Superhero Name

Gabby finally got a superhero name, and it is absolutely perfect.

Gabby has been one of the best parts (though there are many) of Tom Taylor's All-New Wolverine, but as of issue #28, she finally gets a codename. Spoilers coming for All-New Wolverine #28 obviously, so if you would rather go in unspoiled look away now.

We good? Cool. After Laura gives Daken some impromptu surgery on their jet, Gabby meets Danger, the sentient Danger Room. Gabby's a bit jealous of her whole one-word name schtick and decides it is time for her to have a hero name. Daken immediately says Honey Badger, and when Gabby asks why he says "Because you're sweet and you have claws".

Gabby says "That's...Perfect!", and the next panel goes a step further, showing various classic Wolverine covers from over the years emblazoned with Honey Badger in Logan's place. Everything about this moment is as delightful as Gabby, and you can see in the image below.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Writer Tom Taylor also shared the news to fans on social media. "I held off to give people time to read it, but I'm very happy to say that Gabby from #AllNewWolverine is now known as Honey Badger! I wanted to highlight just what an incredible job Juann Cabal did illustrating this moment..."

He credited artist Juann Cabal with the amazing comics behind her, revealing some additional details.

"Juann Cabal took it upon himself to fill the background with iconic Wolverine covers... and replace Wolverine with Honey Badger," Taylor said. And he did every cover in the style of the original artist - including lettering. Like here, from Wolverine's first ever appearance. But, that's not all. He also then added extra easter eggs to the backgrounds of these small images that are already in the background. Here he replaced Rogue with Honey Badger's pet, Jonathan the Actual Wolverine. In the previous cover, 'Wendigo' was replaced with 'homework'."

Taylor also teases what's next for Honey Badger, Wolverine, and the crew.


"Next up for Wolverine and Honey Badger - they're joining Jean Grey in our X-Men: Red team in February," Taylor said. And their adventures can be read in our current 'Orphans of X' arc running in All-New Wolverine. It's Illustrated by Juann Cabal... so make sure you study the backgrounds."

All-New Wolverine is written by Tom Taylor with art by Juann Cabal and a cover by Elizabeth Torque. All-New Wolverine #28 is in comic shops now.