Ghost Rider Punching Out Galactus Tweet Goes Viral

When you think of Marvel's most popular heroes, you typically think of names like Captain America, Storm, Spider-Man, and others, though that has changed quite a bit in recent years thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One name that has not shown up yet in that mix is Ghost Rider, but at one point in time, the character was the hottest thing going in the comics, experiencing a Deadpool-like rise to popularity due to his uniqueness shtick and edginess. You might have forgotten that at one point the character even managed to take down the world devourer himself Galactus in one punch, and the footage of this has made one tweet go viral on social media.

@UpToTask posted a tweet with a clip from the old Fantastic Four animated series, which has Marvel's first family unable to do much damage against Galactus, even in a weakened state. That's when Ghost Rider shows up to the scene, though as Ben Grimm points out, no one actually called him in.

Rider introduces himself quickly but is dismissed by Galactus, who can't even be bothered to call him by his name. That's when Ghost Rider hits him with the penance stare, as Galactus has killed billions by consuming whole worlds to satiate his appetite. The guilt hits him like an excruciating wave and leaves him in a crumpled state on the ground, though we're not sure why everyone is horrified by this since they were trying to take him down before Rider got there.

In any case, Ghosty leaves him in as he calls it "mortal hands" and then rides off. You can watch the full clip above, which @UpToTask posted with a hilarious caption, comparing Rider to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"Never forget that at one point Ghost Rider was so popular Marvel tried to get him his own show by having him show up like Stone Cold Steve Austin from the rafters just to One Punch Galactus."


It's a pretty apt comparison, as all Rider was missing was some beer cans and shooting the middle finger as he rode off.

Odds are you won't see this battle replicated in the MCU anytime soon, but we don't doubt that at some point we will see Ghost Rider hit the big screen once more, it's just a matter of when.