Ghost Rider Returning to Netflix in October

From Superman Returns to WarGames, there's an exciting line-up of shows and movies hitting Netflix next month. One movie that we're especially excited to see back on Netflix in October is Ghost Rider. The 2007 movie, which stars Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, is set to hit the streaming service on October 1st.

"Stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze makes a bargain with the sinister Mephisto to save a loved one. Years later, Johnny gets the chance to reclaim his soul," Netflix describes. In addition to Cage, the film stars Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley, Sam Elliot, Donal Logue, Matt Long, Peter Fonda, Brett Cullen, Raquel Alessi, and Lawrence Breuls.

Ghost Rider, which was written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson, was not originally met with the best praise. It ended up earning a 26% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, but people have grown to appreciate the movie and its fun approach to the story over the years. It even got a sequel in 2011 titled Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance. Despite some great cast additions like Idris Elba, the sequel didn’t fare better than the first, earning an 18% critics score.

While Cage's days playing the Marvel character are done, many fans were excited that Hulu was going to create their own series starring Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes, which was set to spin-off the character seen during the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD. Unfortunately for fans of the character, the whole project was scrapped after Kevin Feige's Marvel Studios absorbed the television production outfit. Now the character won't be appearing in his own series, he's now technically free to join a Marvel Studios film at any given second. spoke with Luna earlier this year, and the actor told us he wasn't willing to close the book on playing Reyes at some point in the future, though he did admit the prospects don't look good at the moment.

"I was gearing up for Ghost Rider for some time, a few years now, just on hold, waiting," Luna shared with us in January. "So I guess there's not much hope holding out. I think it's mainly, I know maybe there's still couple of pages that are ... the binding of the book is not really closed. But for me, personally, I think that, you leave it where it was."


Luna added, "We put our heart into it and I'm really happy because I think a lot of people, I'm happy that there's a whole generation of young people, [they know] Ghost Rider is Robbie Reyes. And I think that won't change, whether we do another show or not. I think that that's something that'll always make me very proud. So you just leave that where it is. I'm really excited to see what the future holds and what we're working on now and see what happens."

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