Ghost Rider Star Gabriel Luna Addresses His Future With the Character

Ghost Rider fans were disappointed when they learned that the series focusing on the character wasn't moving forward, but star Gabriel Luna is proud that a generation of Marvel fans will remember his take on Robbie Reyes in Agents of SHIELD, even if he doesn't get the chance to reprise the role in the future. Luna debuted as the character back in 2016, with Hulu announcing last May that it was developing a Ghost Rider series alongside a Helstrom series, only for a number of reported creative differences to lead to the series' cancellation, despite development on the Helstrom series moving forward.

"I was gearing up for Ghost Rider for some time, a few years now, just on hold, waiting," Luna recently shared with "So I guess there's not much hope holding out. I think it's mainly, I know maybe there's still couple of pages that are ... the binding of the book is not really closed. But for me, personally, I think that, you leave it where it was. We put our heart into it and I'm really happy because I think a lot of people, I'm happy that there's a whole generation of young people, [they know] Ghost Rider is Robbie Reyes. And I think that won't change, whether we do another show or not. I think that that's something that'll always make me very proud. So you just leave that where it is. I'm really excited to see what the future holds and what we're working on now and see what happens."

Fans previously saw a live-action incarnation of the character in 2007's Ghost Rider, with Nicolas Cage starring as Johnny Blaze. Debuting before the establishment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film was largely forgettable, though was enough of a hit to earn the 2012 sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. With that film also being a disappointment, it seemed as though the character couldn't translate into live-action storytelling, up until Luna took on the role for the MCU TV series.

Despite his spinoff series not moving forward, the plans for a Ghost Rider TV series confirm the potential for the character, though that project is only one of many abandoned Marvel projects on Hulu. Last month, the TV branch of Marvel was absorbed by Marvel Studios, with any new programs likely aiming to land on Disney+.

Luna might not be done with the character, but he also sounds like he's not holding his breath for the opportunity to reprise the role.


In the meantime, the actor can be seen in Terminator: Dark Fate, available now on Digital HD and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 28th.

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