Is Marvel Boy Joining the Guardians of the Galaxy?

guardians of the galaxy noh varr
(Photo: Marvel Comics / Juann Cabal)

The House of Ideas rocked New York Comic Con when it announced Al Ewing was taking over Guardians of the Galaxy this January. Teaming up with Juann Cabal (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man), the new series spins out of the events of the current run by Donny Cates and Cory Smith and includes some familiar faces — plus one cosmic character fans haven't seen regularly in a while.

On the cover for the first issue stands Star-Lord and Rocket — in a swanky suit ripped from the pages of Ewing's Rocket solo series from a while ago. Then, behind the two Guardians stalwarts are Moondragon, Nova (Richard Rider), Phyla-Vell, and another character which appears to be Noh-Varr/Marvel Boy with an all-new haircut. Conveniently enough, Noh-Varr last appeared in Royals, another series written by Ewing, where he tried helping the Inhuman Royal family kickstart the new Inhuman civilization.

Judging by the cover alone, it'd appear he's also getting a new suit, unlike the traditional green and white suit he's typically worn in the past. There's always the possibility it's also not Noh-Varr at all and rather, it's Kid Magus — a character who's presumably helping the team out in the closing issues of the current run. The only reason we bring that up is the fact the red coloring appears to give the character purplish skin.

Noticeably absent from the cover include current Guardians Gamora, Groot, and Beta Ray Bill. The solicitation for Guardians of the Galaxy #1 — and the full cover — can be found below.

marvel guardians al ewing
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Written by AL EWING
Penciled by JUANN CABAL


Once, they were a team of misfits. Now they're a family, and they've earned their peace. But the universe is not a peaceful place -- and it's only getting worse. The Great Empires are in turmoil. The rule of law is dead. And amidst the chaos, the Gods of Olympus have returned -- harbingers of a new age of war, reborn to burn their mark on the stars themselves. Someone has to guard the galaxy - but who will accept the mission? And will they survive it? Al Ewing (IMMORTAL HULK) and Juann Cabal (FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN) bring you in on the ground floor of a whole Marvel Universe of action and suspense!

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