'Guardians of the Galaxy' Ending With Issue #150

The Guardians of the Galaxy is officially coming to an end!

On Monday, Guardians writer Gerry Duggan announced that the Marvel comic would be ending with issue #150, due to come out in January. Issue #151 has previously been solicited for February, but Marvel has replaced its release with Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 and Infinity Countdown Prime #1.

According to Duggan, the move away from the Guardians comic is actually a good thing, as it will allow him to move on to something bigger that he and Marvel have cooked up for the future.

"Folks, Guardians of the Galaxy IS wrapping at #150," Duggan wrote on Twitter. "But it's because I pitched a story to Marvel that was way bigger than just Guardians. HUGE stories are coming your way beginning in February. More soon."

Along with the message, Duggan tweeted out a picture of Adam Warlock using the power of the Soul Gem, one of the coveted Infinity Stones.

guardians of the galaxy adam warlock
(Photo: Gerry Duggan/Twitter)

This image is alluding to Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock, which Duggan is writing. Marvel solicits confirmed that Warlock is indeed searching for the Soul Stone in the comic.

The Infinity Stones have started to pop up around various Marvel comics as of late, leading up to the release of Infinity Countdown. Wolverine has been seen in possession of the Power Stone, Star-Lord has the Space Stone and Captain Marvel is holding onto the Reality Stone.