'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director Reveals Major Star Wars Connection Cut From Film

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has a lot in common with the Star Wars saga, but that connection was almost way more overt in the film.

During a Facebook Live Q&A with fans, director James Gunn revealed a surprising link between the Guardians and Star Wars existed in an early draft of the script, given that Star-Lord was a child of the '80s.

"In the screenplay that was written by Nicole Perlman before I came on to Guardians, Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios President] had asked that Star-Lord have these Star Wars figures that he loved. And so these Star Wars figures were in the movie and played a big part in it. But I thought that didn't work for me, so I took them out."

It makes sense that Star-Lord would be a huge Star Wars nerd. And it does sound like a similar theme as the Walkmen and the '80s soundtrack. Perhaps at one time, Peter Quill's connection to Earth was made via his obsession with his toys — and a connection to his mother. Who knows, maybe they saw it together before she got sick.

It would make the emotional response from Quill, and from the audience, connect to a group of props. Gunn likely changed it to the Walkmen to have both an awesome soundtrack as well as a physical item that Star-Lord clings to. It serves two purposes in the film and offers a greater emotional hook for the audience than a group of toys.

Of course, the toys and the Walkmen could have both been on the table, but that would be somewhat redundant.

Guardians of the Galaxy already has a lot in common with the Star Wars saga, given the fact that both take place in space. Rag tag groups of heroes coming together to save the galaxy in both franchises, and end up developing familial bonds.


Star-Lord doesn't seem like a huge Star Wars buff in the films, seeming to prefer schlocky '80s films like Footloose. Maybe he'll become a big fan when he returns to Earth and hears about all the sequels that have been released. After they take care of Thanos, that is.

The Guardians will next appear in Avengers: Infinity War, premiering in theaters on May 4th.