Hawkeye Directors on Episode 5 Rumors: "Of Course It's Going to Blow Up Twitter"

After the first two episodes of Hawkeye were directed by Rhys Thomas, the filmmaking duo of Bert and Bertie took over for the next three episodes. That means the two directed Episode 5, an episode that's actively being hailed as "massive" by insiders around the industry. In fact, one report earlier in the week suggested the episode would "blow up" Twitter. As it turns out, all the reports are true—Hawkeye Episode 5 is going to be absolutely massive.

Speaking with us on Wednesday, Bert—real name Amber Templemore-Finlayson—joked that they already blew up Twitter with Episode 3, what with the tease of Maya Lopez's (Alaqua Cox) "uncle," and all. That's when Bertie—real name Katie Ellwood—confirmed the reports.

"We love where this show is going, and five is the last one we did, so of course it's going to blow up Twitter," she said as a massive smile spread across her face.

Many fans have been expecting Maya's uncle to be revealed as none other than Kingpin, potentially played by Vincent D'Onofrio—who would be reprising his role from Netflix's Daredevil series. D'Onofrio has since tried debunking reported leaks featuring his character. Despite that, the actor told us last year he felt a sense of ownership over the character.

"I feel very close to that character," the Adventures in Babysitting alum told us at the time. "I do have to say, I do feel like that character is mine and it's only because I played him for those three seasons and was so close with him."

He added, "I do feel very close to that character just for like nostalgia and just connected to that character through my performance. So I think that any offer to play him again would be, I would definitely have a really good look at for sure."

The first four episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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