Hawkeye Finale Director Addresses Possible Season 2

Believe it or not, the first season of Marvel's Hawkeye has already come and gone. The series was only six episodes in length, and the first two debuted on the same week, so it only took about a month for the entire season to air. Given Hawkeye's immense popularity, and the fact that it wasn't on for very long, Marvel fans are already wondering if and when there will be an additional season. Echo is getting her own spinoff, which is already in development, but will Kate and Clint have another TV story in the future?

Marvel hasn't made any official announcements about a potential second season for Hawkeye and, as usual, those involved with the show are staying tight-lipped about the future. Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas recently spoke with Collider after the season finale, saying that he'd be excited to see where the show's characters could go next without revealing any actual plans Marvel may have.

"I cannot speak to future plans in the tradition of secrecy. Again, the show coming out, you never know how it's going to be received and it has been amazing to see how warmly people have taken it and enjoyed it," Thomas explained. "And it's been great to see Hailee's character embraced and sort of land so firmly in the MCU. I sincerely look forward to where that character goes next. And yes, I loved walking on the streets of the MCU and would gladly enjoy doing it again."

Unlike WandaVision, Hawkeye's finale didn't specify that it was the end of the series, only that it was the end of the season. That leaves the door open for Marvel to make more of the show going forward. The ending of the show itself also offers opportunities for more stories with Kate and Clint in the future. Not to get into deep spoiler territory, but neither of the Hawkeyes had a definitive ending to their individual journeys in the MCU. There are also quite a few comics to pull from, including the popular "L.A. Woman" arc in Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye run.

For now, Loki is the only Marvel TV series that has been officially ordered for a second season. Fortunately, Hawkeye seems to set itself up better for an extended run than projects like WandaVision or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. All we can do now is wait, rewatch, and theorize.

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