Hot Toys' Avengers: Endgame Pepper Potts Rescue Suit Figure Unveiled

Hot Toys' Avengers: Endgame lineup has expanded to include two new items - the most exciting of [...]


Hot Toys' Avengers: Endgame lineup has expanded to include two new items - the most exciting of which being this outstanding sixth scale figure of Pepper Potts wearing Tony Stark's Rescue suit.

The figure features two interchangeable head sculpts including a newly painted Gwyneth Paltrow head sculpt with a removable mask and an helmeted head with LED-light up function. You'll also find LED lights scattered throughout the armor, along with accessories like a long drone and a short drone (with thrust fire effect piece) multiple pairs of interchangeable hands, and more.

Hot Toys - A4 - Nano Gauntlet (Hulk Version) Lifesize Collectible_PR1

The second item that Hot Toys released today is the life-size replica of Hulk's Nano Gauntlet. This follows a 1/4 scale Hulk gauntlet and a full-size Tony Stark version that were unveiled earlier this month.

The Hot Toys MMS538D32 1/6th scale Rescue Collectible Figure and LMS008 Nano Gauntlet Life-Size Collectible (Hulk Version) are both expected to go up for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles as early as today, May 24th. These releases follow Avengers: Endgame Hot Toys figures for Mark LXXXV Iron Man, Thanos, War Machine, Ronin, Captain America, Black Widow, and Team Suit Tony Stark.


On a related note, Hasbro's Marvel Legends Captain America Shield, Electronic Thor Hammer, Electronic Iron Man Helmet, Electronic Star-Lord Helmet, and Infinity Gauntlet Electronic Fist have all kinds of fancy features, and when new stock arrives it doesn't last long. In fact, many of these replicas have been difficult to get at the standard price in recent months, but they're making a big comeback in the wake of Avengers: Endgame.

You can pre-order all of the Marvel Legends Series prop replicas right here for the standard prices with free shipping slated for August / October. At the time of writing many of these replicas are either sold out or exceedlingly expensive on Amazon and eBay so reserve yours while you can. Inside the pre-order link you'll also find the Marvel Legends Black Panther Electronic Helmet, Ant-Man Helmet, and the Nano Gauntlet Electronic Fist that Hasbro recently unveiled.

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