How 'Captain Marvel' Sets Up A Sequel

Now that Captain Marvel is finally in theaters we can look towards the future of both the [...]

Now that Captain Marvel is finally in theaters we can look towards the future of both the character and her role in the MCU, and first let's start with how the movie sets up a sequel.

Spoilers incoming for Captain Marvel, so if you haven't seen the movie yet you've been warned.

One huge element that the film sets up is Carol helping the Skrulls find a new home utilizing Mar-Vell's ship. Talos mentions that there are pockets of stranded Skrulls all over the galaxy, hiding from the Kree. Cap is going to help bring those scattered Skrulls together as they look for a new home for them, and we see Carol launch into space on this mission with the Skrulls by film's end.

So, if a sequel takes place soon after the first film (still in the past), then we would likely see how this process went and Carol and the Skrull refugees coming into conflict with the Kree as they seek to eradicate the Skrulls and capture the new weapon Mar-Vell created. We would also then likely see how the Kree empire ended up faltering, as it could be related to something Carol did in living up to her promise at the film's end.

More than likely this will show us bits and pieces of a true Kree Skrull war with Cap by the Skrulls' side, which would very much occupy her time while Fury tries to assemble his Avengers.

Another way this sets up a sequel is regarding Starforce. Carol sent Yon-Rogg back to Hala, the Kree Homeworld with a message, threatening the Kree. The Kree (especially Ronan) aren't going to take this very well, so they are likely to enlist some bigger guns to hunt down Cap and the Skrulls, including a possible army of Kree Sentries. If that happens, imagine what that could look like as the Skrulls and Cap take on the Starforce and an army of Sentries and foot soldiers...yeah, we want to see it too.

The film also presents some opportunities for Fury and Carol, as the end credits scene has Carol asking the other Avengers "where's Fury?" The time span since she last saw him that we know of has been 20 years, but perhaps they have seen each other in other instances, with him using the pager in the past. You could easily see him doing so if that aforementioned fight happens between the Skrulls and the Kree on Earth, especially since the Avengers weren't a reality yet.

We also see Minn-Erva blasted by Carol during the final fight sequence in her plane, but as with all things, we don't know if she's actually dead. Our money's on that she's not, as Minn-Erva is a big antagonist to Carol in the comics. If that's the case, we will perhaps see the Kree recover her but her injuries put her psyche on the fringe, making way for the character to become the villain she is in the comics. Her experiments have also posed many a threat to not only Carol but also to Earth's populace, so this could also be a thread we pick up in the sequel.

In the sequel, we will also likely see Maria take on a role in SHIELD if her conversation with Fury is anything to go by. That means Maria will become more familiar with Fury, Coulson, and the whole gang, as will her daughter Monica, paving the way for her to follow in her mother's footsteps when she gets older and eventually Carol's later when she becomes a hero herself.

Now, that is all of under the impression that the sequel will also be set in the past. Some of those will carry on (especially the Skrulls and Maria) if things move to the present, or perhaps it will be both like Kofi's theory. In any case, we can't wait to see what's next in the world of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is in theaters now.


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