How The Defenders Differ From The Avengers According To Marvel's Head Of Television


Even though the names rhyme, The Defenders and The Avengers are completely different. The Avengers, for instance, find themselves defending humanity on a very literal global scale. The group has fought against aliens, gods, and even terrorists bent on ruining The Avengers' teamwork. The Defenders, however, keep their boots on the ground. The vigilantes-turned-team players find themselves micromanaging neighborhoods and themselves with dysfunctional precision. It looks like Marvel is keen on differentiating the teams, and the studio's first step to do just that will be in its Netflix series, The Defenders.

Speaking with CinemaBlend, Marvel's Head of Television Jeph Loeb emphasized the teams' differences very clearly. He said, "The street level heroes always come from a very real place. If The Avengers are here to protect the universe -- and nobody loves those movies more than I do -- that's an epic, action-adventure story that has great humor and great pathos." While The Avengers aim to protect the world, The Defenders strive to watch over 'the everyday man.'

Loeb went on to say, "What we're trying to do is tell stories about men and women who are here to save, in some cases, the neighborhood, and in some cases themselves. And if that's the case, and you're involved, and you'll stick around for 13 hours, that's an enormous commitment that we want!"

For fans, Loeb stresses they shouldn't expect to see The Defenders come together like The Avengers did. "The question that we want people to ask is, 'What happens when these people meet each other?' Because they each look at the world in a very different way. So when that happens, that's ultimately what Defenders is all about," Loeb explained. "It's not about 'Who is the bad guy?' or 'What's at stake?' or any of those things. We're still working in a very real, grounded world. The sky is not going to open up, and aliens aren't going to come flying out of it. That's The Avengers job! That's what their supposed to do."


Right now, it's unclear what Marvel's schedule for The Defenders looks like as the studio is focused on its Luke Cage series. What's more is that fans are still waiting for updates on Jessica Jones' second season along with Daredevil's third season (should it be ordered). That's not even to mention that Iron Fist and The Punisher have also received series orders of their own, so it might be awhile before fans see The Defenders teaming up on the small-screen.