Hugh Jackman's Big Announcement Revealed

For all those who were hoping that Hugh Jackman's 'big announcement' on Thursday morning would [...]

For all those who were hoping that Hugh Jackman's "big announcement" on Thursday morning would somehow be Wolverine related, prepare to be disappointed, as the news has nothing to do with a reprisal of his iconic Marvel Comics role.

According to Variety, Jackman is taking to The Today Show on Thursday morning to announce a revival of his one-man stage show. His performance will take him on a tour of several different U.S. cities, though the stops have not yet been revealed.

To kick things off, and promote the show, Jackman will be performing two of his songs from The Greatest Showman during his Today Show performance.

While it's unclear exactly which songs will be on Jackman's set list when the tour begins, Variety reports that many of them will come from musicals that he's associated with already. Expect to see numbers from shows like Oklahoma!, Les Miserables, and The Boy From Oz on the lineup, as well as some songs from The Greatest Showman.

Jackman began teasing this announcement on Monday, when he took to Twitter to tell fans to keep their eyes peeled for his upcoming Today Show appearance.

"See you this Thursday on @TheTodayShow for an exclusive announcement," Jackman wrote in the tweet.

"And we want to mention something else we're very excited about," says one of the hosts in the video. "The always charming Hugh Jackman will be here on Thursday with a huge, exclusive announcement. We can't tell you what it is just yet, but it will be worth the wait. I promise."

Of course, this likely got Marvel fans all too excited, thinking there could be a chance Jackman was jumping back in the fold somehow. But, as he's said before, Jackman is done with that part of his life, allowing him the time to pursue things like travelling stage shows.