Kevin Feige Clarifies Recent Hulk Trilogy Reports

Marvel Studios has lot going on, but there are no plans to slow down the MCU. In just over a week, [...]

Marvel Studios has lot going on, but there are no plans to slow down the MCU. In just over a week, Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters and bring the god of thunder back in touch with the Hulk. Earlier this month, reports popped up suggesting the MCU's next films will contain a sort of trilogy for Bruce Banner and his alter-ego. Now, the head of Marvel Studios is responding to the rumor, and Kevin Feige admits fans can't get enough of Hulk.

Recently, the producer sat down to talk about Thor: Ragnarok and the MCU's future with Uproxx. It was there Feige was asked about the Hulk's trilogy, and the executive said that word may be a bit too strong to use.

"I wouldn't call Ragnarok and the next Avengers movies an unofficial Hulk trilogy, but I would say that there is a character arc for Hulk within those three movies that, yes, track together by design. And I think it's a testament to what Ruffalo has done to Bruce Banner and brought to this character," Feige explained.

"Ruffalo is a master at not going deep and dark, but taking that inner pain and kind of trying to become zen about it. We saw that in Avengers 1, where Tony Stark is screwing around and poking him with something and saying, oh, careful, and he goes, "I can handle pointy things." He's much more zen about it. His secret is he's always angry," the producer continued. "I think it's just a much more charismatic and engaging way to see it. I've always wanted Hulk to talk more than he has and find the right circumstances, and finally we see that here."

Earlier this year, trilogy reports for the Hulk began floating about after Mark Ruffalo spoke with Cinemablend. The actor said the Hulk will get a story arc which goes from Thor: Ragnarok all the way to Avengers 4. Reports began speculating the storyline would package itself as a full trilogy, but it seems Feige sees the arc as a more self-contained story. After learning more about himself, Bruce Banner will explore just what it means to become the Hulk, and fans are hoping the scientist has a smashing good time doing so.

Mark Ruffalo's Hulk will next be seen in Thor: Ragnarok which releases on November 3, 2017.