Hulu "Very Happy" With Marvel's Helstrom

Hours after Hulu pulled the plug on Marvel's Ghost Rider, has learned the streaming [...]

Hours after Hulu pulled the plug on Marvel's Ghost Rider, has learned the streaming platform is apparently "very happy" with Marvel's Helstrom. As previously reported by Deadline, it's the full intention of Hulu to continue development on the Paul Zbyszewski-led series. In fact, the show's still on track and scheduled to begin production on the initial episode as soon as October 7th, as we previously reported. Little has been revealed about the series, though it's believed to be close on casting both Daimon and Satana "Ana" Helstrom in the days leading up to New York Comic Con next weekend.

Announced at the same time, Ghost Rider and Helstrom were supposed to be part of what Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb has been calling the outfit's "Adventure into Fear." Just before the announcement, Marvel registered trademarks for Ghost Rider, Helstrom, Glyph, and Spirits of Vengeance, potentially teasing the three separate shows would be leading into a team-up mini-series not unlike Netflix's The Defenders. Now, that could all be in flux with the sudden departure of Ghost Rider.

As recently as last month, Loeb himself had teased at least one or two additional shows on Hulu, which would make up the aforementioned "Adventure into Fear." It's likely Glyph would be one of those shows, though it's unknown if the second show would be Spirits of Vengeance or another solo show like Man-Thing, Bloodstone, or another horror-based Marvel character.

"Something that really interested us and interested them, and we always knew that we were going to do something with Ghost Rider, we were just waiting for the right place to put it," Loeb said at the time. "Then we started having the same conversation, which was there is in the comic book world the Spirits of Vengeance, and they are this sort of unusual group of characters, which involve Ghost Rider, which involves Helstrom, which involve Helstrom's sister, Anna. We suddenly saw that there were three or four shows that we could put together that we now refer to as Adventure into Fear."

Helstrom is set to debut in 2020. Other Marvel television shows include Runaways, which debuts its third season on December 13th, and Agents of SHIELD, which debuts in seventh and final season on ABC next summer.

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