'Infinity Wars': Who Is Requiem?

Infinity Wars Who Is Requiem - Cover
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Marvel Comics' next big summer event is almost here, and it is following up on a giant one-two punch of a mystery and cliffhanger following the events of Infinity Wars Prime #1. Infinity Wars, written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Mike Deodato Jr. will follow the gather of the Infinity Stones on Earth as forces, both benevolent and nefarious, seek to control their immense power. This builds naturally on the buzz surrounding blockbuster smash hit of Avengers: Infinity War in which Thanos successfully built his Infinity Gauntlet and ended half of all life. Yet the question on every comics fans' lips isn't about Thanos or the Infinity Stones, rather it is: Who is Requiem?

Before we dive into answering the question of who this cloaked, goggle-wearing cosmic adventurer might be, there is some essential background to be explored. A lot of other events have built to the revelation of Requiem and their role in Infinity Wars. It is likely that they have appeared elsewhere and have already had some hand in events so far.

Infinity Wars Who Is Requiem - Thanos
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Infinity Countdown

While Requiem wasn't a prominent character in the Infinity Countdown prelude event, it did set the stage for their first appearance. The miniseries focused on the placement of the Infinity Stones throughout the galaxy as they were rediscovered and fought over by various heroes. In the wake of this event, all of the Stones are back in play and in possession of heroes (and the gangster Turk) who are either on Earth or bound to visit the planet soon. The cover of Infinity Wars #1 features the same characters who possessed the Stones at the end of Infinity Countdown surrounding Requiem as she holds the bleeding body of Star-Lord (who holds the Power Stone) and a struggling Captain Marvel (who holds the Reality Stone). This suggests that whoever Requiem is either has a connection to at least one of the current holders of the Stones or to the Stones themselves.

Infinity Wars Prime

Requiem made their big debut in the pages of Infinity Wars Prime #1, and it was one heck of a debut. In the final pages of the prelude issue Thanos was shown preparing to leave for Earth and start collecting the Infinity Stones once again. He was prepared to become the main villain of Infinity Wars and mirror the plot of Avengers: Infinity War, until Requiem appeared and decapitated the Mad Titan with a double-edged sword. This appearance suggests a few key facts about the identity of Requiem.

First, they have the ability to travel quickly through space as they appear on a distant planet with few connections to Earth in order to assassinate Thanos. Second, they clearly view Thanos as a threat and have no interest in working with the villain. It's likely that Requiem has a history with their most recent victim. Third, they are both a powerful and skilled warrior independent of their possession of the Infinity Stones. While Thanos was not in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, he is still notably difficult to kill in his standard form. These three bits of intelligence provide the groundwork for guessing Requiem's true identity.

Infinity Wars Who Is Requiem - Loki
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The Key Suspects

Nebula: All of our guesses as to the identity of Requiem are women, as Requiem has a notably feminine appearance in Infinity Wars Prime. There is one very special woman in Thanos' life who has both possessed the Infinity Stones before and would want to kill the Mad Titan: Nebula. Ever since the events of The Infinity Gauntlet in which Thanos bound his adopted daughter and tortured her to the point of madness, Nebula has sought any opportunity to kill the nihilistic man who raised her. The use of a double-edged sword and cool competence in dispatching Thanos and his army heavily suggests that Nebula is behind Requiem's mask, and seeking to wield the Infinity Gauntlet once again.

Gamora: Gamora possesses just as many reasons to wish Thanos dead and every bit as much skill with a blade needed to dispatch him. While she has regularly filled a heroic role in Marvel Comics, she recently broke with her closest friends and allies in the Guardians of the Galaxy to pursue the Soul Stone for herself. This desire to be reunited with a piece of her own soul and the very fact that she is missing an essential piece of herself may lead Gamora to do a dangerous heel turn and become the villain that Thanos always dreamed she might become.

Loki: Loki has played a key role in the build up to this event, dating back more than a year when he first found Wolverine resurrected and possessing the Space Stone. It's clear that he has big plans of his own for the Infinity Stones and has been a notable manipulator of events in Infinity Countdown and beyond. While Loki doesn't possess quite the right build for Requiem, it's worth noting that he is a genderfluid character and has been a woman before. Loki might have additional levels to his disguise beyond a mask in order to keep his machinations even more secret.


Angela: This is a longshot of a guess, but Marvel Comics has made it clear they don't intend to stop trying to make Angela happen. She has already been announced in an upcoming team series, The Asgardians of the Galaxy, and has killed godlike beings before in her roles as a heavenly assassin. While it might not be likely to see Angela behind Requiem's mask, it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

When Will We Find Out?

The good news for all of us Marvel Comics conspiracy nuts is that we may receive an answer to Requiem's identity this week. Infinity Wars #1 premieres this Wednesday and promises to feature Requiem in a notable antagonistic role. It is not quite clear whether the hood and mask will come off or, even if they do, whether the real Requiem will be beneath. The series is set to run through October of 2018 and guarantees some satisfying answers by this fall at the very latest. For now there is still the thrill of speculation and conspiracy to be enjoyed. So please share your guesses and thoughts on Requiem's identity and their ultimate plan in the comments section.