Marvel's Inhumans TV Series Episode Count and Show Details Revealed

Marvel fans everywhere were caught by surprise yesterday when it was announced that The Inhumans TV series was happening. The Inhumans brand had originally been planned as a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, but was ultimately taken off of the Phase 3 slate; since the characters have already been introduced through the Agents of SHIEL TV series, a sister series makes all the more sense.

After to the revelation of The Inhumans TV series, we continue to learn more details. Black Bolt and the Royal Family will be the stars; and the series will have an impact on the MCU. Now we know some technical information: the episode count.

THR reports that The Inhumans will receive an initial eight episode count; the first two episodes will debut in IMAX theaters for two weeks in summer 2017, with six more episodes to air on ABC starting in September.

Inhumans TV series Episode Count Story Details
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

It is also noted that this TV series is not some adaptation of the feature film planned for Phase 3 - or a spinoff of Agents of SHIELD. That latter bit is actually interesting, since many AoS fans have been wondering if show star Chloe Bennett would be a possible route to spinning off the Inhumans TV series. Now that we know what the show is not, it leaves the question of what it is.

Black Bolt and The Royal Family are centerpieces, but the setting could be anywhere from Earth to the dark side of the moon, with no telling what the storyline is, and how it fits into the larger MCU. As usual, though, Marvel will reveal more when seen fit; until then, let's speculate!


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Agents of SHIELD will return on November 29th @ 10/9c on ABC. Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are also available on Netflix.