Iron Fist Co-Creator Approves of Finn Jones as Danny Rand

Compared to the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix's Iron Fist series seemed to be the least popular series—and character, for that matter—belonging to the streamer's "DefendersVerse." It's one of the lowest-rated shows released from Marvel Television and went through a gauntlet of controversy during its earliest days of release. Despite all that, one of the creators behind the character fully supports Finn Jones casting as the Immortal Iron Fist.

Roy Thomas—former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel and creator of hundreds of Marvel Characters—tells us he watched both seasons of the show, a stark contrast to his viewing luck of Helstrom, another Marvel Television show featuring characters he created. On top of that, Thomas says Jones gets his stamp of approval.

"Oh, I watched all of it," Thomas tells us. "Yeah. Iron Fist had a few problems here and there, but I really liked the actor who played Iron Fist. I liked the general concept of it and everything."

That's when Thomas shifted thoughts to the other Netflix shows, praising David Tennant's take on the Purple Man.

"Maybe some series were better than others, like Jessica Jones was one of the best with the revival of the Purple Man, so wonderfully played by Tennant," the creator recalls.

He adds, "Just wonderful.But they were all reasonably good. Of course, The Defenders wasn't that popular, that brief series, but I thought that was great because I'm an old superhero group fan, and I thought that was wonderful. But I really liked them all. I met many of the actors, [Mike] Colter who played Luke Cage, and Iron Fist and so forth. They were kind of dark. They were not as dark as Helstrom. We didn't know how dark a series could be. But they were a little dark sometimes, and they had their own kind of quirks. Trying to be realistic, but they would use the S word a lot, but they never used the F word, so how realistic is that?"

Both seasons of Iron Fist are now streaming on Netflix.