Iron Man 3 Concept Art: First Look at Extremis?

0commentsEntertainment Weekly

has a piece of concept art from Iron man 3 design artist Meinerding that appears to show Tony Stark--endangered by gunmen--manifesting his armor using Extremis. Of course, that's all speculation and all the image shows is a smoking, semi-completed suit of armor, but it's the version of the image that makes the most sense. An incomplete suit like that with no battle damage on either Tony or the remaining pieces suggests that it's probably assembling, not disassembling. Without the bracelets seen bringing the armor to him in The Avengers, another way to assemble is needed and rumors have been saying for ages that the film would be based partially on the Extremis storyline, in which Tony Stark is injected with a serum that bonds the Iron Man armor to his brain and bloodstream.