If You Start 'Iron Man 3' at a Certain Time You Can Celebrate New Year's With Tony Stark

Have you ever wanted to ring in the new year with Tony Stark himself? Well, thanks to some mathematical wizards on the internet, now you can!

There has been a trend online over the last couple of weeks where people are timing out different songs and movies to hit a certain verse or scene just as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. For example, if you start playing "Africa" by Toto at exactly the right second, the first chorus of the song will kick in just as the ball finishes its drop.

A Reddit user named TheRealClose has brought this new trend to the world of superheroes, allowing everyone to celebrate the holiday with the one-and-only Iron Man.

If you recall, in Iron Man 3, there is a scene early on in the film where the characters celebrate New Year's Eve. By beginning the movie at just the right time, down to the second, the clock in the real world will hit midnight at exactly the same time it does in the movie.

According to the Reddit post, you need to start the movie at 11:55:50pm on New Year's Eve in order to line the timing up perfectly.

tony stark new years
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

This is probably harder than it sounds, considering it might take your Blu-Ray player a second to warm up or get the streaming version of the movie to load. But, if you do a little homework ahead of time, you should have no problem.

Hoping to ring in 2018 with one of the Avengers?! This is your chance. Good luck!