Robert Downey Jr. Responds to Stephen Colbert's Iron Man Impression

Robert Downey Jr. decided to respond to Stephen Colbert’s spot on Iron Man impression. The Marvel star took to Twitter to welcome the newest Avenger to the fold. (As long as he stands about six feet away, gotta keep that distance right now.) It’s not often you see the Iron Man actor post to Twitter, so fans were absolutely loving this strange late-night television and Marvel crossover. In times like these, everyone could use a little levity. While Colbert might have played up the sillier parts of Tony Stark, it provided a laugh in a time where people are looking for entertainment.

For those who didn’t see the original video, Colbert has been at home self-isolating. So, his facial hair has gotten quite a bit longer. He’s opted for the classic Tony Stark goatee and decided to make a short video showing off that impression. The entire thing is pretty hysterical, and he gets bonus points for rocking a suit that echoes the inventor’s look from the first Iron Man film. However, no matter how good the mimic is, the ultimate honor is getting the actor himself to cosign it. Here’s what he said below:

“What seems to be the problem? Viruses? Is everyone staying at home? That’s step number one. Don’t go out. It’s not just for yourself, it’s for your loved ones. In the meantime, this is what I’m going to do. Jarvis, fire up the lab. I’ll need you in the workroom. You need robots, tiny little robots. Yes, the artificial intelligence systems that I implanted in those tiny robots may inspire the robots to believe that though they are small, they are superior to mankind. They will likely learn from the viruses how to reproduce at a great rate, exponentially.


Colbert decided to get some sly nods to Iron Man’s movie lines in there too. “Eventually, they could take over the world. Then, of course, I’ll build a bigger robot. Are you gonna finish that sandwich? Nobody move, Jarvis!” Massively entertaining by all accounts and Colbert definitely delivered a nice moment to forget about what’s going on outside. But, the video shows how aware people are becoming of the epidemic. (Try scrolling for more than 2 seconds without someone posting a message of #StayAtHome. As Downey himself said, that’s good advice)

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