Marvel Is Giving Iron Man the Power Cosmic

This November, Tony Stark will become one with the Power Cosmic. As a result of Iron Man's [...]

This November, Tony Stark will become one with the Power Cosmic. As a result of Iron Man's continuing struggle with the godlike being Michael Korvac, Tony will merge with the source that gives Galactus and his heralds, including Silver Surfer, their powers. It takes place in Iron Man #14 by writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Cafu. The issue's cover by Alex Ross, seen below, shows Tony wrestling with this power in what appears to be a new suit of Iron Man armor. However, whether this is an armor of Tony's making or something spawned from the Power Cosmic, like Silver Surfer's iconic metallic skin, remains unclear.

"This run started in issue #1 with Tony deciding to simplify his life and image," Cantwell tells Superhero Hype while discussing Iron Man #14. "Of course as the story has gone on, quite the opposite has happened. And now… he's a god. What happens when you give a guy who's struggled with a god complex in the past actual godly powers? The whole Korvac arc has been about Tony trying to reconnect with his grounded humanity. The cosmic god part of the story will be his hardest to overcome."

Iron Man #14 Cover Alex Ross
(Photo: Alex Ross, Marvel Comics)

Cantwell continues, "I don't think it's been done before. It's hard to find original paths for a character as storied as Iron Man. I also really tried to push the medium around and do something different with #14, which is entirely within Tony's internal experience as the Power Cosmic infuses his body. What would that feel like? What would a person go through mentally and emotionally as something that big radically changes your very existence?

"I wanted to be with Tony as this happened, to show what he's been thinking about this entire arc. The whole thing is constructed as a kind of surreal dream experience. In a book that is so much about science, intellect, and technology, I wanted Tony to experience something that defied all three of those things in his transformation.'

What do you think of Iron Man gaining the Power Cosmic? Let us know in the comments. Iron Man #14 goes on sale in November.

  • Iron Man #14
  • Iron Man Infinity Saga Variant COVER by Marco Checcetto
  • Iron Man has tasted a higher power and is forever changed. Moments before, he was locked in mortal combat with his worst adversary in years — KORVAC — but now he finds his very existence altered beyond recognition. Indeed, fundamental concepts like space and time have taken on a new meaning. But what does this portend for Tony Stark, a man who even when stripped bare feels he knows best? What happens when his ego — often challenged, condemned and even derided by both foes and friends — is suddenly given a limitless avenue? It could certainly mean radical and drastic change for the entire universe…and reality itself.
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