Marvel Reveals New Costumes for Ironheart, Amadeus Cho

Marvel's August 2018 solicitations revealed that two members of the Champions are getting new looks: Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, and Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk.

The new looks debuted on RB Silva's cover to Champions #23. Ironheart's new armor incorporates black and pink into armor previously designed to resemble Iron Man's red and gold armor.

Meanwhile, Amadeus Cho is still green, but also significantly more lean than he has been as the Hulk. He's also traded in his shorts-only look for a full body costume.

Take a look below:

Ironheart Amadeus Cho
(Photo: RB Silva, Marvel Entertainment)

Champions writer Jim Zub also revealed on Twitter the initial design for Ironheart's new armor, which was the work of artist Stefano Caselli:

(Photo: Stefano Caselli)

"Riri Williams fans + cosplayers: Not sure if you saw the first look yesterday, but IRONHEART is getting a new armor design that will debut in an upcoming Champions issue!" Zub tweeted. "
"@St3Caselli did a wonderful job designing Riri's new look.

"CHAMPIONS #23 is the first cover appearance for the new Ironheart. Illustrated by @RB_Silva
Wait 'til you see @KevinLibranda and @SeanIzaakse draw her in action! We wanted Riri's new design to give a nod to her Stark-Tech/Iron Man roots, but also show how she's coming into her own in terms of design and functionality."

The solicitation for Champions #23 teases that "Ironheart and Amadeus Cho take major steps forward in their super hero journeys," while their teammate "Nova takes a step back" and even suggests that Sam Alexander may leave the group, which also includes Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Wasp (Nadia Pym), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), and Viv Vision among its members.

Champions #23 releases in August from Zub and artist Kevin Libranda. You can see the full solicitation below.

What do you think about Ironheart's new armor? How about Amadeus Cho's new Hulk look? Let us know in the comments!


Cover by R.B. SILVA
• While Ironheart and Amadeus Cho take major steps forward in their super hero journeys, Nova takes a step back.
• As the team faces a complicated and dangerous threat, Sam Alexander wonders: is there a future for him with the Champions?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99