Is Tony Stark Going To Cameo In Doctor Strange?

tony stark doctor strange

Looking back at Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark looks like he's in desperate need of some friends. Of course, the illustrious genius has pals like Rhodey to lift his spirits, but many of Stark's friends cut ties with him once The Avengers dissolved. Really, it's not all that surprising then to think Stark might offer his friendship to another superhero newbie as he did for Spider-Man. So, could this mean that Stark might cameo in Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange film?

Maybe. That is, according to some sources.

Rumors of Stark's involvement began recently after Doctor Strange's Benedict Wong tweeted that the film had just wrapped on August 15th. The message, however, conflicts with earlier tweets from director Scott Derrickson as MCUExchange noted he declared the film finished back on April 3rd. Of course, the discrepancy could be a simple mistake or chalked up to reshoots, but some fans are wondering whether the four-month gap saw Robert Downey Jr. film a short scene on set.

Further furor over the rumors grew when a Twitter user tweeted out the following message: "It appears as if my little spies have bagged me a scoop! Tony Stark may have a cameo in #DoctorStrange." Posted by The Angry Ginger, the user's words should be taken with a healthy grain of salt as there's no way we can verify who his 'little spies' may be.

Still, it would make sense to see Stark appear however briefly in the upcoming flick. Doctor Strange is set to unleash a whole new kind of superpower in the MCU as he dabbles with mystical powers. When you consider Stark's staunchly scientific leanings, you can bet Iron Man might clash with Doctor Strange's ideologies.


But, with Stark in need of allies ahead of Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange might just become a member of Stark's powerful posse. The reality of Stark's cameo won't be confirmed likely until Doctor Strange hits theaters - or grows closer to its release - but it's something fans can at least mull over until November 4th.

Hopefully, the MCU's fondness for cameos continues into Doctor Strange. Because, if we're being honest, I think Stephen Strange would have an amazing time blowing Stark's mind with his all-mighty magic.