James Gunn On If He Will Reveal Final Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg

If you’re one of the many fans who look for easter eggs in films, then you probably know about [...]

If you're one of the many fans who look for easter eggs in films, then you probably know about the fabled Guardians of the Galaxy teaser. Director James Gunn has admitted there is one 'ultimate' easter egg in the superhero space opera that no one has found yet - and he's definitely no about to spoil our search for it. The filmmaker is saying that he's got no plans to reveal easter egg anytime soon.

The director went on Twitter and answered a fan's question about the hushed footage. A user asked Gunn if he would reveal the final easter egg before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hit theaters or let fans die without knowing.

Gunn answered bluntly and confessed he wouldn't talk about the easter egg "until a while AFTER Vol 2 at the earliest."

ComicBook.com was the first site to break news about the unseen teaser in 2014 when Gunn told us "there's definitely some things that people haven't seen."

"There's definitely one really big thing that people haven't seen, but they may never see it -- we'll see. There's other things, too," he said. "The other day, I posted on my Instagram a picture of the other guys going for the Infinity Stone in the temple of Morag and I didn't see anybody bringing that up until just a couple of weeks ago."

A year later, Gunn confirmed the easter egg was still lost to fans, saying, "No one has found the big one, really. Maybe once someone came close."

Earlier this year, fans thought the reclusive clip had been outed when Gunn shared a cut image from Guardians of the Galaxy that nodded to the painting of The Last Supper and Groot. However, Gunn stressed the reveal wasn't the one he has been teasing for so long now.

Fans are now wondering whether Gunn will include an easter egg of this caliber in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. However, many believe the director will never get around to revealing the teaser if one gets included. Well, until the franchise's twelfth movie hits, that is.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will hit theaters on May 5 2017.

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