Joe Russo Teases Black Widow Prequel

Avengers: Endgame was truly an end for a few different characters, and sadly that included Black Widow. As fans who saw the movie know, we saw her sacrifice herself to retrieve the Soul Stone and ultimately save Hawkeye's family from the events of the snap, but as fans know there is already a Black Widow movie in development, so it seems we will see Scarlett Johansson reprise her role as Widow at least one more time. Thing is that doesn't mean the movie is in the present, something that Endgame director Joe Russo teased during's conversation with him.

During Game Over: An Evening With Joe Russo Black Widow obviously came up, and's Brandon Davis asked: "so what happened in Budapest?" Russo said "That's the question, isn't it? Seems like a story for another time." Budapest is something that came up during the original Avengers film, and while it's been touched on there we still don't know how that all went down. A Black Widow movie set in the past could give us an up-close look though, and it would also show us perhaps how the two Avengers first met.

Russo again hinted at a story not in the present when Widow's in development film came up, saying "Scarlet has a movie but it's not...we're not telling linear stories anymore."

Fans did learn a few more things about Widow in Endgame, like her Father's name. While Russo admitted those can be run with in future movies, the goal was to tell a full story for her here.

"It's putting seeds in to fulfill our story, and that's what we do in the Marvel Universe is someone comes in and they pick up the threads, right, but there isn't, the grand plan is always 'we have a loose idea of where we can go here', but if you spend a lot of energy thinking about where it goes in the future you're gonna miss the opportunities that are in front of you in the present," Russo said. "If you don't make a really good film, nobody's going to be around for the next one, you know, so we really focus on the present story not on where this is all going."

You can check out the full discussion in the video above.

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now.



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