John Stamos Cast as Tony Stark in Spidey and His Amazing Friends Season 2

John Stamos has been cast in the role of Tony Stark for the upcoming second season of Disney's Spidey and His Amazing Friends. The series, which centers on Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen, will see a number of new Marvel characters introduced this season, including Ant-Man (Sean Giambrone), The Wasp (Maya Tuttle), Sandman (Tom Wilson) and Iron Man, who will help Team Spider overcome challenges from the likes of Electro. Over at Entertainment Weekly, they have a number of screenshots from the new season, which include a first look at Tony Stark, wearing a tracksuit and fancy Marvel Cinematic Universe-style glasses.

Spidey's relationship with Iron Man was a key emotional component of the Marvel movies from Captain America: Civil War forward, iterating on the "Tony-as-father-figure" dynamic established in the comics on which that movie was based. It created some powerful (and viral) moments, but sometimes drew criticism from comics fans over how much it changed Spider-Man's mythology.

So, how does Iron Man play into the new season? According to EW, "Season 2 will feature a storyline in which Electro tries to drain all the power from the city, and the Spidey Team must band together with their amazing friends to try to restore electricity using a new glowing web formula. This plot will even include a new song, 'Glow Webs Glow,' composed by Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump, who serves as the series' composer."

You can get a glimpse of Tony below.


The first season featured appearances by characters like Ms. Marvel and Black Panther.

"Having preschool-aged kids on my own, I wanted to make a show that I want to watch with my kids," executive producer Harrison Wilcox told ComicBook in August. "I want to make sure the kids will want to watch. But there are, and I didn't think this would happen when we set out, but there are times, often, where I am laughing out loud as I'm watching animation cuts of the show, where Rhino is wearing a jet pack that he stole, and he's flying through a hat factory. Now he has comes out of the hat factory and he's got four hats on his head, stuck to his horn. That sort of thing." 

Season 2 of Spidey and His Amazing Friends premieres this August on Disney Junior. You can stream the first season on Disney+.