'Fantastic Four' Director Has Perfect Response to Superhero Movies Not Being a Failure

Not all movies can be perfect and it appears director Josh Trank is well aware of that. Earlier [...]

Not all movies can be perfect and it appears director Josh Trank is well aware of that. Earlier today, music video ace Joseph Kahn tweeted that he thought "no superhero movie fails."

That's when Trank took over and offered the best response possible.

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(Photo: Josh Trank/Twitter)

"Hold my beer," the former Fantastic Four helmer tweeted back.

Fans of the Marvel's First Family will recognize Trank as the director in charge of the infamous Fantastic Four reboot of 2015. Supposed to be the launching point of a new franchise, the final cut of the movie was widely panned by critics and audiences alike.

Fantastic Four had an abysmal box office run, only grossing $56m domestically. It ended up earning $111m overseas for a worldwide haul of $167m against a reported budget of $120m. Suffice to say, any subsequent Fantastic Four movies were soon thrown out of development.

The entire production process of the film was tumultuous, to say the least. From 20th Century Fox cutting a handful of scenes in the days before filming was set to start to Trank and Fantastic Four star Miles Teller nearly coming to blows on set to the studio reportedly releasing their own version of the film despite Trank's objections, the production had its fair share of controversies.

Ahead of the film's release, Trank mentioned in a candid interview that he thought Fantastic Four would be a renaissance of sorts.

"People are religious about comics the way people are religious about the Bible," Trank said. "But I think it's true for a lot of movies that you can take license with adapting the underlying material and you will be forgiven for it if it's good—and you will not be if it's bad."

"I made every single choice knowing that people would question it," the director acknowledged. "And what better reaction than to have people then go see the movie and understand it and feel like maybe they've learned something about the world, to not question the next thing they think is going to be stupid or weird. I think that's my purpose right now in my life."

Fantastic Four (2015) is available on home media.


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