Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige Remembers His Last Conversation With Stan Lee

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently reflected on Stan Lee, the man who help create the [...]

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently reflected on Stan Lee, the man who help create the characters he controls on the big screen.

Lee passed away earlier in November after a fight with leukemia at the age of 95. In his absence, he left behind a legendary slew of iconic characters and inspirational messages. The impact Lee has had on the world has been felt far and wide, something Feige will always remember fondly.

"He was very nice in my interactions with him, including what ended up being my final conversation with him about two weeks before he died," Feige told EW. "I went to his house to see him, and he reminisced about the cameos. We were talking about what was coming up, always looking to the future."

Lee and Feige worked together on many occasions, especially considering the co-creator of so many Marvel characters would appear in their respective films for beloved cameos. This conversation, however, was different.

"Did he know that his time was running out? I don't know," Feige said. "In hindsight, he was slightly more wistful than I'd seen him before. He talked about the past more than I had ever heard him talk about the past. So maybe on some level, he knew. When I sat down by his chair in our last meeting, the very first thing he said was: 'I know you want me to star in the next movie, but I have to just stick to the cameos. You'll have to leave the starring roles to the other actors. I'm sorry.'"

Lee, as with all events, brought a good attitude to every cameo opportunity which Marvel Studios brought to him. Most recently, he appeared in Ant-Man and The Wasp, having his car shrunk down right before his eyes.

"He would show up to the movie sets game for anything," Feige said. "But one thing he would always do is try to add more lines. He always would joke — but not really joke — about wanting more lines, although he understood why we couldn't."

"God forbid he would start to overshadow the hero," Feige added. "That was something a character like Stan Lee could easily do."

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Upcoming Marvel Studios films include Captain Marvel in March 18, 2019, Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5, 2019.