'Legion' Cast Teases David's Fate in Season 3

Throughout the first two season of Legion, fans have watched David Haller's rise and fall as one of the most powerful mutants in the world. After tying his hand as a hero in a battle against the Shadow King, he has since succumbed to his own power and began the descent into villainy.

We still don't know much about the third and final season of the X-Men show on FX, but the cast came together to tease what fans can expect when the series returns later this year. While speaking at Wonder Con, showrunner Noah Hawley revealed new details about the upcoming season.

"The show opened with him at his lowest point, he goes to the hospital and meets a girl and he's happy," Hawley explained. "And then he goes off his meds and things get out of hand. So we could either [have David] go back to a happy place, or he can go off the bottom of the map. And we decided that's where to end the story, otherwise we start the loop again... it's bittersweet, but a story has no meaning without it's ending. The old paradigm of television is that major corporations don't do a mic drop. There's something special about the... story determining the ending."

While this will be the end of the series, Marvel Television is hopeful that Hawley will return for more projects in the future.

"I think it's fair to say this is an extraordinary show," said Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb. "Things that live on FX are, by their very nature, have to be better. When you put together the murderer's row of talent, you hope you get something that kills. One of the things I love about the television we're making right now is this is the kind of show that'll be on forever. It'll be the show people talk about a year from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now. Marvel has been publishing comics for 70 years, and we all have that particular run of a character... or writer or artist that we love. Now you can collect that and put it in your library. And I feel that way with this show."

We'll see how the saga of David Haller finally ends when Legion premieres on FX later this June.

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