Legion Final Season Teaser Offers a Subtle Warning

FX has released a new promo for the third and final season of Legion. The promo had David leading a meditation exercise while other characters appear to warn the viewer that this will only lead to pain. You can watch the teaser above.

The final season of Legion will show David Haller's father, Charles "Professor X" Xavier of the X-Men, for the first time. Xavier will be played by Harry Lloyd in the series. According to showrunner Noah Hawley, fans will see Xavier's battle with the Shadow King that set the events of Legion into motion.

"We know enough, even in the mythology of the show, to know that when David was born his father went off to fight [Amal Farouk] and kick Farouk out of his body," Hawley said. "And so I think what we're going to explore, is that story.

"The movie studio definitely controls that story and those characters and there was a negotiation that had to go on," Hawley continued. "Going into this third story, that conversation began to be had at the highest levels, because I can't finish the story unless I can do it. The good thing with Legion is that our reality is so detached from the comics — or anything — because it's David's subjective experience."

FX announced in February that Legion's third season would be its last. At the time, the network made clear that it was not canceling the series, but that it was always planned as a three-season show.

The season will see Syd (Rachel Keller) training with the Shadow King to face David. "It was hard to balance future and present Syd because I was so invested was happening with present Syd," Keller explained of the show's time-traveling elements during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. "But I am so excited to see where we go from here with Syd the hero of season three.

"The most important thing is how Syd will react if he plans don't go as planned as a hero. When what she loves and wants do not necessarily coincide. How she reacts will show who she is as a hero"


What do you think of the new Legion teaser? Are you looking forward to the final season? How do you think the show will come to an end? Let us know in the comments. The final season of Legion premieres on FX on June 24th.