LEGO Bringing Life-Size Iron Man With Infinity Gauntlet to San Diego Comic Con

The LEGO Group is bringing a life-size build of Iron Man to San Diego Comic Con, complete with the Infinity Gauntlet. It's a replica dedicated to Iron Man's final moments in Avengers: Endgame, which called for Tony Stark to snap his fingers using the Infinity Stones to defeat Thanos once and for all but also paying a devastating price. Ultimately, it became one of the most iconic sequence in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be commemorated on the San Diego Comic Con show floor.

The stature which stand six-and-a-half feet tall and weighs 188 pounds to LEGO Mast Builders 225 hours to design and build, according to THR. It is made up of 35,119 bricks in total. The statue will be on the show floor at the LEGO booth, ready for attendees to stop by and take photos.

Check out the photos of LEGO's life-size Iron Man statue below.

(Photo: LEGO)

It will certainly be an unfortunate moment if, somehow, an attendee at San Diego Comic Con has not yet watched Avengers: Endgame. Of course, this is the highest concentration of people most likely to have seen the conclusive Marvel epic but there is always that chance of someone having Iron Man's big world-saving moment spoiled for them when they walk past the LEGO booth. At that point, they deserve it.

The back side of the life-size Iron Man statue is equally impressive, matching the Iron Man suit's design from the Marvel Studios movie. Check it out below.

(Photo: LEGO)

In previous years, LEGO has constructed massive versions of Stormtroopers from Star Wars movies, and characters like Marvel's Thanos and DC's Batman, along with Chris Pratt's Owen from the Jurassic World movies.


LEGO does offer an Iron Man minifigure, available in LEGO sets themed around Avengers: Endgame and in stores now.

Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theaters. San Diego Comic Con will take place in the San Diego Convention Center from July 17 through July 21.