Loki: Marvel Fan Theory Suggests There Are Multiple TVAs

There's definitely something going on at the TVA, right? Two episodes into Marvel's Loki and every [...]

There's definitely something going on at the TVA, right? Two episodes into Marvel's Loki and every fan watching the acclaimed new series is having serious trust issues with the Time Variance Authority, and for good reason. Secrets are being kept, questions are being dodged, and an organization that is supposed to be all-seeing really drops the ball way too often. There have been theories floating around that perhaps the Time-Keepers don't actually exist, which would certainly explain a lot. But a new Marvel fan theory takes a new direction, wondering if there is more than one TVA out there.

According to a post on the r/marvelstudios Reddit, there are actually different TVAs for different realities. The theory suggests that the TVA we're seeing is just the one assigned to the current timeline we've been experiencing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All different realities and timelines have their own agency to keep them steady.

This gets really interesting when the original poster mentions the "Sacred Timeline" that the TVA keeps referencing. On the show, it is established that there is just one timeline, and that when a Nexus-created branch in that timeline reaches the red line on the chart, it can no longer be fixed. According to this theory, the red lines don't represent the elimination of the Sacred Timeline, but rather a collision with another reality.

Each reality has to stick to its own timeline. If the branches get too out of control, they could cause timelines and realities to collide, resulting in chaos.

If this is true, it would also prove the Time-Keepers don't actually exist, at least not in the way they're made out to by the TVA. There's nothing sacred about the timeline in this scenario, it's just a secret being kept from the people working at the organization, like Mobius.

This would help explain the different Lokis that keep appearing. They're supposedly created by variant timelines, but why would their appearances change so drastically if they were the Loki we know at one time or another? And where did they all come from if there is only one true timeline? This Sacred Timeline is being treated a bit like a multiverse, which could be incredibly confusing later on, depending on what happens in Loki. The idea of multiple timelines and realities could easily clear a lot of things up.

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