Marvel Announces Their Next Great Super Hero Team

Marvel introduced a new British superhero team heading into Empyre and now the world is getting to know The Union. The company sent out a press release to show off who would be fighting alongside Union Jack in this new group. It looks like the lineup will be: Snakes, a hero from Northern Ireland, Scotland’s Kelpie, The Choir all the way from Wales, and Britannia to round out the unit. R.B. Silva from Powers of X was tasked with delivering fresh looks for the UK heroes. It is no secret that Empyre will engulf the Marvel universe once the event gets rolling in earnest. It only makes sense to create compelling designs for these new heroes so that they can appeal to all sorts of readers.

“I really like Medieval themes. With Britania and Kelpie, I wanted them to look like medieval warriors and I just simplified and modernized it from there,” Silva said in the release. “For Snakes, I thought of the visual for the Executioner. Someone the enemy will fear from just a look. And for the Choir, more of a light visual, something that can enable quick movements. On her knife I put 3 dragon's heads. I know on Wales’ flag they have a dragon with only one head but I thought, why not three?”

The book is scheduled to debut in May and the event will be launching in some months' time as well. Paul Grist is writing the title and Andrea Di Vito will be handling art. Read more of the full release below:

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Marvel’s newest super team is here! Meet The Union, a team composed of heroes from all over the United Kingdom, in an exciting new series from writer Paul Grist (Judge Dredd, Jack Staff) and artist Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation). Union Jack along with a host of spectacular new heroes have banded together just in time to take on the galactic threat coming in Marvel’s 2020 event, Empyre, but that is only the start of this team’s epic adventures.

“40 years ago, Roger Stern and John Byrne introduced a new Union Jack into the pages of Captain America! This is the comic I've been waiting 40 years to write!” says Grist. “New heroes! New adventures! And a team that’s falling apart before it's even begun!”

Joining Union Jack will be the best heroes the UK has to offer including Snakes from Northern Ireland, Kelpie from Scotland, The Choir from Wales, and their fearless leader, the legendary Britannia! With new heroes comes new designs and hit artist R.B. Silva (Powers of X) was delighted to provide dynamic looks for the whole cast!

THE UNION #1 hits stands this May!