Get Marvel's Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Planter for Less Than $8

(Photo: BoxLunch)

If you're anything like me, when it comes to gardening you're probably a lot like Thanos. Snap your fingers and half of your plants are already dead. Fortunately, you can acquire Marvel's Avengers Infinity Gauntlet planter and harness the power that will help your plants survive.

For one thing, the gauntlet looks fantastic - so you're less likely to forget about watering. And even if your plants die, the gauntlet doubles as a desk organizer. You can grab one for less than $8 on sale here at GameStop (its also part of a buy 2 clearance get one free sale) and $8.99 here at If they sell out, you can also get one here at BoxLunch for only $11 using the code BLGIFTS at checkout..


In other Marvel merch news, Funko recently added new Pop figures to their Venomized collection, and the victims include Punisher, Ultron, Captain Marvel, Groot (in both a standard and 10-inch super sized version), Doctor Strange, and Miles Morales. All of these Venomized Marvel Pop figures are available to pre-order right here with shipping slated for February. Hot Topic's exclusive Venomized Green Goblin Pop figure is also live now. Look for the Walmart exclusive Spider-Man Pop to arrive here in the coming days / weeks.

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