Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Directors Tease Civil War Is Not Over Yet

Don’t say it's a ceasefire.While some fans fell like Captain America: Civil War ended the feud [...]

Don't say it's a ceasefire.

While some fans fell like Captain America: Civil War ended the feud between Team Iron Man and Team Cap, that might not be true. According to the Russo Brothers, Civil War was only the beginning.

In an online Q&A, Joe Russo answered a fan's question that asked which side they believed won in Civil War. Joe responded, saying, "We always thought of this move as the start of the war. It's not over yet."


When fans considered the director's word, they are not too surprising. The end of Civil War left much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up in the air as Captain America embraced his rogue status. Iron Man was off helping Iron Patriot rehab his bunked leg, and when it came to national security, the Sokovia Accords bombed all preexisting protocols. With such unrest left behind, it's not shocking to hear that we've not seen the end of Civil War just yet.

As for when fans will see its conclusion, no one knows - except for the Russo Brothers, that is. The director duo are prepping to begin production on Avengers: Infinity War at the moment, and many believe the star-studded crossover will tie up the loose ends of Civil War.

However, the pair are doing their best to approach the upcoming blockbuster with a level head. The Russo Brothers have said it will be "tricky" to make Infinity War live up to Civil War.

Joe continued, saying, "There could be a lot of pressure. We put pressure on ourselves, we feel the pressure. At the same time we have to be very zen and we have to step outside of that pressure because if you make decisions based on expectations and based on feeling that pressure, you're going to make bad decisions."

"Ultimately, at the end of the day, the thing that we prioritize above all else is storytelling, and we just focus on the storytelling and the characters and how they fit into the narrative, and we just keep trying to tell the best story that we can every time out....We try to ignore any sort of external pressures because they can just lead you to a bad place creatively."

When it comes to Infinity War's story, the Russo Brothers will have plenty of material to cover. The film, which is based on a popular 1990s comic, depicts the evens which occur once Thanos accumulates all of the powerful Infinity Gems for the Infinity Gauntlet. Sources have alleged the movie will follow Thanos as he uses the intergalactic weapon to wipe out millions of lives in order to impress Mistress Death, leaving the Avengers to fight the big purple baddie.

Clearly, the scale of Infinity War will be even bigger than that of Civil War, so the upcoming film may be the best place for the Russo Brothers to reconcile the Avenger's bad blood there.

Avengers: Infinity War is set to release on May 4, 2018. An untitled sequel is then set to hit theaters the following year on May 3, 2019.

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