Marvel Cancels Tony Stark: Iron Man, Final Issue Released in December

Iron Man is not so Invincible, especially when it comes to his latest series by Dan Slott. ComicBook has learned the character's newest title from Marvel Comics called Tony Stark: Iron Man will be coming to a close in December of this year with issue #19. It's unclear what's next for the self-proclaimed futurist in the Marvel Universe, but with the character off the table in movies its likely that he'll continue to have a huge presence in the comic books. Especially with a milestone year coming that has major significance in the Iron Man mythos.

The comic launched with art by Valerio Schiti, who has proven to be one of the more talented artists in Marvel's current stable. Schiti will join Slott for the final issue alongside co-writer Jim Zub, who has been helping with the load in recent months.

Tony Stark: Iron Man was launched with much fanfare after being Slott's first major Marvel title after the writer left the Spider-Man franchise in the wake of a historic run. He simply set aside one of the company's crown jewels to take over another, and has been approaching Iron Man with the same wide-scope that embraces the entirety of the Marvel Universe much like he did Spider-Man.

After bringing in Janet Van Dyne AKA the Wasp as Tony's latest romantic interest, Scott and Schiti also picked up the plot thread of the Ultron/Hank Pym composite left behind from Rick Remender's time with Marvel, and it looks like that storyline of "The Ultron Agenda" will end Slott and Zub's time on the title.

However, the solicitation for Issue #18, which was originally supposed to release in November of this year, makes it clear that the storyline was intended to continue beyond this point. Take a look:

DAN SLOTT & JIM ZUB (W) • VALERIO SCHITI (A) • Cover by Alexander Lozano
“THE ULTRON AGENDA” continues! Chapter 3: Inner Conflict
While Rhodey and friends fight the robot war topside ... a literal war rages on INSIDE Tony Stark! It’s the Wasp and a remote piloted Nano Iron Man versus a shrunken Ultron/Pym inside Tony’s physical body!

tony stark iron man 18
(Cover by Alexander Lozano)

It's unlikely that Scott is being booted off the title early, despite needing some aid from a co-writers and fill-ins, such as Gail Simone during the tie-in issues to War of the Realms.

We'll find out more of what Marvel has planned for Iron Man in 2020, but for now, fans should look forward to the end of "The Ultron Agenda" as Tony Stark: Iron Man #19 will be released in December.