Marvel Earth X HeroClix Preview: Venom Black Panther, Iron Man, and Triton

WizKids Games is taking Marvel HeroClix to Earth X.

This February, WizKids will release Marvel HeroClix: Earth X, the next five-figure booster HeroClix set. WizKids has passed along three figure previews from the set that we can share with you.

First up is the aquatic Inhuman called Triton. He is a rare figure that can be played at 100 or 75 points and bears the Earth X, Inhumans, and Animal keywords. His Terrigenesis Twice trait reads, “When a friendly character targets Triton with Perplex, after resolutions roll a d6. If the result is less than Triton’s click number, modify the chosen value by an additional +1."

048 Triton (R)
(Photo: WizKids Games)

His Constricting Coils trait reads, “When Triton hits an opposing character, after resolutions roll a d6. 3-6: GIve a hit character an action token and if that character occupies water terrain, deal them 1 penetrating damage."

He also has a special speed power called Dart Like an Eel that reads, “Charge. Hypersonic speed, but only if Triton occupies water terrain."

Next up is the super rare Iron Man figure. He costs 125 points and comes with the Avengers, Earth X, Stark Industries, Armor, Robot, and Scientist keywords. His Iron Avengers trait allows him to generate two of the three Iron Avengers bystander tokens printed on his card at the beginning of the game, choosing between Monolith, Steelbow, and Sting.

He starts with two clicks of 0 speed, attack, and damage, and a special attack power called I Have a Mission For You that reads, “POWER: Generate an Iron Avenger that isn’t already on the map.”

056 Iron Man (SR)
(Photo: WizKids Games)

After those clicks, he has a STOP click called Leave It To the Billionaire to Buy the World Some Time. The power reads, “Invincible. This game, Iron Man can’t be healed above this click.”

For the rest of his dial, he has the Iron Manor damage power, which turns him into a colossal-size figure and reads, “When Iron Man hits the highest-point opposing character on the map, after resolutions generate an Iron Avenger that isn’t already on the map. Protected: Outwit.”

Lastly, we have a look at one of the set’s chase figures, Venom Black Panther. He costs 75 points and has the Avengers, Wakanda, Monster, and Ruler keywords. His Alien Symbiote trait grants his Plasticity and Shape Change, and makes it so he can automatically break away.

061 Venom Black Panther (Ch)
(Photo: WizKids Games)

The Call in Help From the Venomverse! trait calls back to the Call in Help From the Spider-Verse! trait from the Superior Foes of Spider-Man set. The new trait reads, “Once per turn for all characters with this trait, when Venom Black Panther hits an opposing character, after resolutions you may roll a d6. 3-6: Place another character whose name includes ‘Venom’ adjacent to Venom Black Panther.”

His At Home in the Shadows trait grants him Stealth. The I Will Use This Weapon Any Way I Can to Defend My Home attack power grants him Blades/Claws/Fangs, Poison, Quake, and Steal Energy.

Here’s the official description of the set from WizKids:

Earth X wasn’t just a comic – it was a dystopian vision of the Marvel Universe where everyone had superpowers. It showed readers how their favorite heroes would cope with everyone having powers. This exciting interpretation of Inhumans, Asgardians, the Avengers, and other super-powered fan-favorites finally makes its way to the HeroClix tabletop with the classic Earth X aesthetic!

Long-time HeroClix fans will be excited to see never-before-Clixed characters alongside the most recognizable characters, like Spiders-Man, Venom (May Parker), Fancy Dan, The Skull, King Britain, Stegron, Clea, Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin), and Mister Negative!”


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Marvel HeroClix: Earth X goes on sale on February 6th.