Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Teases New Hulk-Wolverine Hybrid

In one of those things you can only pull off on the printed comic book page, Marvel [...]

In one of those things you can only pull off on the printed comic book page, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso is teasing a new character, and major new development in the Marvel Universe. Tweeting out a single image with the words "Under Construction," Alonso teased something called "Batch-H." And that single image is of a massive Hulk-like figure in a tube... with Wolverine's signature three claws coming out of each hand.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

So what the heck is Batch-H? Well, the governments of multiple countries in the Marvel Comics Universe have never been shy about experimenting, especially with the genetic material of Wolverine, James "Logan" Howlett. It looks like this is some kind of continuation of the Weapon Plus program, the government project that started with Weapon 1: Captain America, and continued on for decades, creating superheroes (but somehow more often creating failures or villains). When it got to Weapon 10, or roman numeral X, Wolverine, that project splintered off and Weapon X started making their own supersoldiers, often using Wolverine's abilities as a template.

In addition to that, of course, there was a Wolverine cloning program, which also resulted in a lot of unstable failures. X-23 broke free of that program, however, and has become a hero - and a Wolverine - in her own right. She's even making the jump to the big screen in live action in the upcoming Logan and by all accounts steals every scene she's in.

So, this Batch-H is likely some variation on that theme, and will likely be contained to the current Wolverine comics - one of which stars X-23, and the other that stars Old Man Logan, the time-displaced older version of Wolverine. He in particular would be pretty pissed about a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid. After all, in his future timeline, the Hulk's own progeny murdered his family in cold blood. Seeing his claws on a Hulk's body would not make the Old Man smile and sing happy songs, that's for sure.

We've reached out to Marvel Comics for more about "Batch-H" and where we might see it in the future, but for now, feel free to analyze the image and speculate away!

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