Marvel's Hit-Monkey Star Says the Series Is Definitely NOT for Kids

Marvel has a new animated series coming to Hulu next week, but don't let the cartoon primate or Marvel logo trick you into thinking that the series is for kids and families. Like the M.O.D.O.K. series that was released by Hulu earlier this year, Marvel's Hit-Monkey is very much for adults, filled with dark humor and very bloody violence. There's definitely a reason why this one didn't end up on Disney+.

Ally Maki, who stars as Detective Haruka in Hit-Monkey, recently talked with ahead of the release of her new Disney+ film Home Sweet Home Alone. Those two projects couldn't be more different, and Maki loved the opportunity to really dive into a more adult-oriented animated series. 

"It's so good. We had so much fun," Maki said of the series. "That was another thing where I recorded some of that during the pandemic and before the pandemic. I love doing voice over, I think it really brings me back to this imaginary place using my  imagination through storytelling, but it was the first time I've done anything that was more dramatic, in a sense. I mean it's still a comedy, but it's a very, very dark comedy, it's not really intended for kids. It's got that violence and it's pretty funny, too. So I would find myself kind of getting teared up sometimes in the booth, which was cool because it deals with some thematic stuff that's really awesome."

"I just had such a great time bringing Detective Haruka to life," Maki added. "She's the new girl on the police force and she's the only woman on the team. So you know, she's an underdog in that way and just what a great cast that was with George Takei, Olivia Munn, Jason Sudeikis. Both of these projects I had such a great time doing."

Maki is no stranger to voiceover work, but Hit-Monkey isn't much like the other animated projects she has worked on recently. She took on the role of Officer Giggle McDimples in 2019's Toy Story 4, a G-rated movie that delivers the definition of family entertainment. Expect some very different laughs when Hit-Monkey arrives.

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