'Inhumans' Showrunner Discusses Season 2 Possibilities

Marvel's Inhumans is familiar with controversy, and lots of fans know it. The new series has not had the best press as critics universally panned the outing. Inhumans failed to impress fans as well when its IMAX run debut several weeks ago, but a new audience will be introduced to the show this week when it premieres on ABC.

And, yes - the folks behind the series have been brainstorming about a second season.

Earlier today, Collider shared an interview it did with Scott Buck, the showrunner of Inhumans. It was during the one-on-one talk that Buck was asked about season two plans, and the producer said he'd love to see Inhumans continue.

"We have ideas. We know our starting point for Season 2, but we don't know if there will be a Season 2," Buck revealed.

"Hopefully, there will be a Season 2. If so, we know where we're gonna start, and we'll very gratefully gear up and get to work."

Later in the interview, Buck went so far as to say the show's team has envisioned a long-term plan for Inhumans.

"We generally know where the first three seasons could go," the producer explained. "What's fun about the show is that it will basically always be a show about family, so there's always going to be places to take these characters."

There's no telling how Inhumans will go over ratings wise, but fans don't feel hopeful about the series. With a toxic press tour backing it, Inhumans will head to TV with little support from either fans or critics. Reports have circulated that ABC itself isn't pleased with the show's reception, so the network may already have a bad impression of Inhumans before it gets going. So, if you want to give the Royal Family a run, then you should tune into its series premiere on September 29.


An eight-episode series, Inhumans will air on ABC beginning September 29.

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