Lovecraft Country Star Spotted With Marvel Comic Featuring Kang

Lovecraft Country star Jonathan Majors was spotted with a Marvel Comics book featuring Kang the Conqueror - the biggest signal yet about his role as the villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles got a visit from Majors in recent days, and posted the following: "Golden Apple has been conquered by actor Jonathan Majors of @lovecrafthbo... Also, when he signed R2D2 he told us, "it was the first time he has EVER signed Kang on anything" We're sure it's definitely not the last time….."

Last year we learned that Lovecraft Country star Jonathan Majors has been cast as Kang the Conqueror and will make his debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - or will he? Majors has been tight-lipped about anything having to do about his casting as Kang, but Marvel fan theories have continuously pointed to him possibly make a surprise debut, as Kang is suspected of being part of the current Loki series on Disney+.

So is Jonathan Majors' trip to the comic book store part of some PR move to signal Kang's imminent arrival in one of Loki's final two episodes? On the one hand, it's more Marvel WandaVision-style tinfoil hat thinking; on the other hand, even Golden Apple Comics thinks something is afoot, here:

"There is a lot of buzz happening in the MCU on the new hot show @officialloki and it is confirmed that he is playing Kang in the next @marvel Ant-Man flick. But does his character run the TVA and/or will he make an appearance?... We don't have any answers, but this guy is the real deal and so nice. We are super excited for his debut, whenever it happens."

In Marvel Comics, Kang The Conqueror is a time-traveling warlord from the future. Kang originally comes back in time in order to challenge the Avengers; over time, his reign swept across the Marvel multiverse, eventually morphing into a circular war with himself. Kang's lifetime and time-travel exploits resulted in several major variants of himself: One is Immortus, an older version of Kang who loses the thirst for conquering and becomes a custodian of the timelines, appointed by the Time-Keepers. Another is a younger version of Kang who comes to the present-day to become the hero Iron Lad, and form the Young Avengers - all to take down his older self, Kang the Conqueror.


With a story like that, there's literally multiple places (at once) that Jonathan Majors could make his MCU debut.

Do you think Kang is coming to Loki? The final two episodes will stream Wednesdays on Disney+.