The Marvel Legends 12-Inch Classic Wolverine Figure Has Arrived


The highly anticipated 12-inch Marvel Legends classic Wolverine figure is starting to trickle out to retailers, and you can order one right here while supplies last. We believe that January 1st is the street date for the Wolverine figure (the 12-inch Black Panther Marvel Legends figure is also slated for release on that date) so it should ship any day now. Odds are that interested parties are already sold on this, but if you need more convincing…

The 12-inch Marvel Legends Series Wolverine figure features over 30 points of articulation along with interchangeable hands (clawed and clawless) and two alternate heads - one of which is battle damaged to go along with a matching shoulder pad accessory. In other words, you can configure this Wolverine for a battle-damaged mode if you choose. Either way, he'll be sporting his snazzy blue and yellow suit design.

On a related note, Entertainment Earth is currently running a huge deal on the Marvel Legends 12-inch Iron Man figure. For a limited time you can get it or only $19 - which is 62% off the list price. Grab one here before it sells out!


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