Marvel Legends Designers On If They Would Release New X-Men Sentinel Figures

When you've been around as long as Hasbro's Marvel Legends have, you're bound to have a few older [...]

When you've been around as long as Hasbro's Marvel Legends have, you're bound to have a few older releases that just beg to get remade. We would say that is certainly the case with the Sentinels, who as one of the X-Men's iconic foes are already a favorite to begin with, but it didn't hurt that Hasbro got the original Sentinel figures for the line just about perfect. The Sentinel was a build-a-figure for an older line of Legends, so to get more than one you had to buy a lot of figures or just hunt on eBay. It's been quite a while since that release, and at San Diego Comic-Con had the chance to talk with Hasbro Marvel Legends Brand Manager Ryan Ting and Hasbro Senior Design Manager Dwight Stall about the possibility of redoing the Sentinels or re-releasing them.

Fans of the line would probably be fine with a simple re-release, though as Ting explained, he would love for Dwight and the rest of the design team to be able to upgrade and modernize the Sentinels if they were to do a new version, and he did not rule that out.

"So there was a 3 and 3 quarter scale Marvel Universe Sentinel several years back and we did bring it back I believe a year or two ago," Ting said. "We shipped it with the Days of Future Past Logan but was kind of a re-release, a re-deco. I think some fans have bought a couple of them and they sort of work in 6 inch scale because Sentinels have been drawn at different heights over the years, but yeah, I think doing a true brand new Sentinel where Dwight and the guys could plus it up even more and make it even taller, we'd love to find a way to do that if we can but I think we're fans and we'd love to see it too."

At the prospect of upgrading the Sentinel and making it taller Stall added "Yes please!"

It seems they are quite enthusiastic about the prospect of a new Sentinel, and while we kind of hope we can just buy them individually, I wouldn't say no to another build-a-figure release either, providing the line was X-Men oriented.

So, here's the question. If the Sentinel was a build-a-figure in a new X-Men line, what would you want that line to look like? Let us know int eh comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!