Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Web-Man Figure Pre-Orders are On Sale Now


Hasbro's latest Marvel Legends Retro collection 6-inch figure release is none other than Web-Man, aka the villainous doppelganger of Spider-Man created by Doctor Doom and his Twin Machine. He was the opposite of Spider-Man in every way - right down to the cool inverted costume. Being the opposite of Peter Parker also made him a bit of an idiot, which makes his launch on April Fools' Day quite appropriate.

Web-Man's only appearance was in Spidey Super Stories #25 from 1977, but he lives on in this Marvel Legends Fan Channel exclusive figure, which is available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth now for $22.99 with a release date set for October. Perhaps it's time for a Web-Man comeback!


Speaking of Marvel Legends retro figures, note that the 80th anniversary X-Force Deadpool figure that was released in 2019 is back in stock here at Entertainment Earth starting today for $29.99 (available for around $50 on eBay at the moment). It's based on Deadpool's first appearance in New Mutants #98 from 1991. Like the Web-Man figure, Deadpool is also packaged in a Toy-Biz-style cardback - though Deadpool also includes a special black and white box.


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