Marvel Makes Massive Change to Ms. Marvel's Costume and Now She's in Big Trouble

Ms. Marvel has been on a bit of a journey in this new era with Saladin Ahmed. One of the biggest departures over the course of this run was Kamala getting a new costume as a part of her adventures. Now, that costume is a part of another big change for the character. All of this began back in July's Ms. Marvel #5 where the young hero got the living costume while traveling in space. (A sentence that should seem very familiar to fans of Marvel comics.) There have been other changes for Khan over the course of the last few months in Champions and in her solo book. The world is becoming greyer for our young heroine and she's learning the ropes of this hero work in ways that she's never seen before. Mister Hyde figures prominently in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10 and the villain is playing for keeps. Her father Yusuf Khan is being operated on by Dr. Strange and she has to tangle with the villain all throughout the pages of the book. *Spoilers ahead for The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10*

As she fights off the villain, Kamala's suit starts to try and kill Mr. Hyde. She, of course, objects to that measure and immediately comes to a crossroads with the suit. After casting it's influence out of her body, Ms. Marvel stands face to face with a force she created as the costume calls itself Stormranger. Another tussle with her former ally is heading your way soon. Ahmed talked about how this new era would unfold earlier this year, and the run has been everything promised.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

"I think she's really the face of everything that's new and fresh and exciting and '21st century' at Marvel, and with superheroes in general. To be given stewardship of that is a big deal to me," Ahmed continued. "It's always thrilling being given responsibility over a beloved character. It's particularly meaningful for me to be taking over from Willow. She's an incredible writer, and she's a friend. I've only been in comics for a couple years, I come from fiction and poetry and stuff like that, and Willow has been one of the folks who's helped me figure out this whole craft and business. She's my sister, and it's very cool to be taking the baton from her. There's something meaningful there."

"Without giving too much away, there's going to be big-canvas Marvel scope happening in this book, while still maintaining that intimate tone that people have loved about it," Ahmed added. "I think that Kamala's earned her superlative. She's been around for a few years and she's been magnificent. We kind of wanted to announce that this was her leveling up — as she would probably put it."

"I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised by the change of tone in the art," Ahmed concluded. All of the artists who have worked on Ms. Marvel have been stellar, so it's not that anything needs changing, but there's a different tone as we go into this new number one, and the art reflects that. It's not 'gritty Ms. Marvel,' but it's darker and more atmospheric."


The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10 is in comic book shops now.