Marvel Head of TV Comments on Possibility of 'Daughters of the Dragon' Series

The Marvel Television series on Netflix have done great in carving out their own corner of the [...]

The Marvel Television series on Netflix have done great in carving out their own corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing a harder edge to some fan-favorite superheroes.

After the formation of the Defenders, many fans have wondered if Marvel would form another team up from the comic books. And though Heroes For Hire seems to be the popular preference, a lot of fans are clamoring for the Daughters of the Dragon after the second seasons of Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb addressed the possibility of new Netflix series starring already established characters during a discussion with EW.

"There are certainly great things that we could do with the characters that we have, and anywhere you go, people ask us about Daughters of the Dragon," Loeb said. "I think that's as much a compliment to those original characters as it is to Jessica [Henwick] and Simone [Missick]'s portrayals, so that's a regular thought."

The Marvel exec admitted they're always considering new shows, but that they have a focus on the five series they're already creating for Netflix.

"To speculate out past that [in a way] that may reveal a few things that are coming, whenever we introduce a new character, whether it's Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk or Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary, we always wonder, as it is in the comics, 'Is this a character that could sustain their own story?' But right now we do have five series, and that's an enormous responsibility, to continue to tell great stories with Matt and Jessica and Luke and Danny and Frank."

But Loeb is a good sport, and admitted that he gets asked about potential Daughters of the Dragon and Heroes For Hire series quite often.

"Daily," Loeb admitted. "It might be hourly if I had a Twitter account that I had to look at."

And though people are clamoring for those characters to get their own spinoff series, Loeb and Marvel Television are going to have a bunch of new characters available to them when Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox goes through. Loeb won't say whether or not they're shifting their focus to include some X-Men or Fantastic Four characters, though.

"Well, first of all, we never want to make too many shows, and we never want to make a show just for the sake of making a show," Loeb said. "We always want to be able to say something about what's going on, whether it's in the Marvel universe or it's in our universe. And, as I'm sure viewers are aware, networks have very different goals, but they all want to reach as many people as they can."

Daredevil Season Three premieres on Netflix on October 19th.